Revisiting Ambulance LTD

Without fail, the one full-length album from Ambulance LTD comes up in my rotation and I can’t stop listening. On repeat. For days. But it’s just the one album (and two EP’s). Part of me likes that they did one and never had the chance to release something else potentially disappointing (pessimistic, I know) but a bigger part of me was curious what happened. Surely they something more planned, right?!

Turns out, yes, they had plenty more planned. This blog post gives a nice summary of what they were up to - including recording a sophomore album with John Cale - and, more importantly, a link to two discs of demos from those sessions. And they do not disappoint. They aren’t as fleshed out as the original LP album but they’re enough to satisfy and wish that they’d been finished.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough - check out this shared Google Drive with tons of bootlegs, demos and instrumental versions. AKA The Motherload.

Oh, and singer John Congleton has a new project but more on that later [via yewknee]

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